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 First Ahoghill Care Team  

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16

Although we have a Care Team within the church it is essential to communicate to the congregation that care is something that God does through the whole church community and everyone has their part to play.

The Care Team Co-ordinator, Gwen Kernohan (who has the full backing and support of the Kirk Session and Minister), depends on requests from the Elders, who would know who in their districts would benefit from Care Team support. The co-ordinator can also be contacted directly by anyone for help or support.

The care needs will always be great and even more so with the way society is changing. We are not trained in any form of counselling or specialist help. We are just ordinary people who will draw alongside others and support them at different times of their life. We show friendship, give practical help, we listen and we will pray with those requesting prayerful support.

We also have the support of the Prayer Chain within the church. We can pass on prayer requests which are dealt with in a confidential manner. There is a box in the foyer of the church for prayer requests or care team requests, please avail yourself of this support at any time.

The Care Team and Prayer Chain Co-ordinator, Gwen Kernohan, can be contacted on 028 2587 1034 / 079 7772 0960

First For Care Team & Telephone Prayer Chain

Should anyone require the assistance of the Care Team or Telephone Prayer Chain please contact Gwen Kernohan on 028 25871034 or fill in the below Contact form

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