Presbyterian Woman (PW)

Presbyterian Women (PW) is an organisation for women within the Presbyterian Church in Ireland (PCI).

There have been women’s organisations within PCI for over 130 years.

PW in First Ahoghill meet in the Slemish Suite on the second Monday of each month at 8 pm, from September to March, and we warmly welcome ladies of all ages in the congregation to join with us for fellowship and friendship.  We offer a varied programme and if you do not already come, then it would be great if you would consider joining us some evening.

You will be under no obligation to attend every meeting, but it is a great place to make new friends and get to know others in the congregation.

We will endeavour to encourage each other to be Godly witnesses and shine for Jesus in an increasingly dark, godless society.

Our programme for the year can be seen below.

Programme 2017 – 2018

Monday 11th September  Great Oaks from Little Acorns Grow Father & Son, Samuel & Jonny Small will testify to God’s Care in the growth of their business. 

Monday 9th October
An ex-rugby player, Craig McMillan, shares his faith through a rugby accident which left him wheelchair-bound.

Monday 13th November
Grow! Grow! Grow!
Joanne Gibson, founder of R.U.T.H (Raising Up The Hurting), seeks with her colleagues to provide support and friendship to many people in troubled situations.

Monday 11th December
Christmas Delights
Relax with fellowship, fun & food as Pamela Smyth showcases her sugar-craft skills.

Monday 8th January
Protecting our seedlings
‘The Big House’ organization will help us discover the best ways to assist our young people as they face life’s challenging issues.

Monday 12th February
Fruit of the Lips – Visitor’s Night
Discover the jewels of Japan through the missionary years of Eileen & Noel Hamilton & delve a little into Japanese culture.

Monday 12th March
Grow your Waistline
Enjoy an evening of giggles & calories! Venue tbc.

Dates and details of our PW Service and our Annual Outing are still to be confirmed. Keep an eye out for further details!!

For further details/information, please contact our Secretary, Betty Blair  (07845179906)