Youth Activity Break

Youth Activity Break (YAB)

What is YAB ?

It is an annual residential camp for youth who have completed yr 8 in school up to having just completed the equivalent of yr 14 in school or college.

How long has it been running ?

It has been running for over ten years and in that time has visited many different parts of the province and the south of Ireland.

What is its aim ?

Our aim is to provide an environment away from the daily schedules and distractions whereby we can focus on bible study and prayer; also sport, various water based and physical challenges and activities alongside relaxing downtime with friends.

We endeavour to build up in their faith those who know Christ, and to introduce Him to those who don’t know Him; in a relaxed and pressure free environment.

YAB has seen the years come and go with many different campers through the organisation, and each year has seen a remarkable set of individual testimonies being written.

YAB 2019

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Please pray that those in oversight tasked to organise this camp will find Gods will through their prayers and bring Him glory through their efforts. His faithfulness has provided for all our needs previously, and we are always excited about the future for what He has in store each year.