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Missionary Prayer Points October 2016

Rachel Sheppard & joel Hutchinson (SU E3 Schools)
Pray for;
• newly appointed primary school principals as they settle into their leadership role in the year ahead. (Mrs Dawson-Moorfields PS, Mr Hutchinson- Clough PS, Mrs Ritchie-Ballymens PS)
• the new year 8 pupils who have begun secondary school. Pray that they would connect into and be impacted by the SU group and Christians in their school. Give thanks for the new SU committees and senior pupils involved in leadership in the SU groups.
• Matthew Dick who has taken over leadership in the primary department SU group of Castle Tower.
1. Schools morning Mon 10th October at 1st Broughshane PCI church halls from 11am to 12.15pm to pray for our schools for opportunities God has given to share the Good News in schools.

Billy & Jeanne Campbell (Silkroad Ministry)
Pray for;
• The Bible Colleges, Myanmar Vision Christian College (MVCC) and Calvary Theological Missions Academy (CTMA) where 60 students are being trained as Pastors, Church Planters and Evangelists.
• Hope House Education Centre (HHEC) Cambodia, for the education of the children by principal Yem Sarorn and his Christian teachers.
• The Farm Project, the purchase of 6.5 acres for the cultivation of rice and the further purchase of 3.5 acres ideal for raising goats and their kids.

Karen Burns & Rhonda Glass (Calvary Mission)
Pray for;
• Rhonda who had surgery on 1st August in Belfast City Hospital, she spent the first 5 weeks at home with her parents and returned to Westport W/C 12th September. Rhonda is recovering well although in a lot of pain which will hopefully ease in time. Please pray for continued healing and full recovery.
• The weekly Bible study with Siobhan. Please pay that the Lord would open her heart as He did for Lydia.
• The children who heard the gospel at Summer Clubs in Westport, Ballina and Castlebar to come to faith.
• The distribution of free Bibles to over 63 people at the bookshop. Pray especially for locals like Pat and Wendy to read and understand God\’s Word.
• The Sunday morning meetings in the Town Hall in Claremorris that the Lord would add to the church there.

Ian Claire Gray (Wycliffe)
Pray for;
• The dedication of the revised Tampulma Bible which has arrived in Ghana after printing in S. Korea. The Bibles have been delivered to Lingbinsi village and will be dedicated on 5th November. Ian & Claire plan to travel to Ghana on 30th October to be present, pray for their safety in this tiring journey. Please pray for the purchase of this revised Bible to greatly strengthen the Christians in their daily lives.
• The Type Setting by John Sidsaya of the revised Bimoba Bible. Please pray for Pastor Nelson who is making sure that there will be enough Bimoba reading books so that many adults and young people will be able to read the Bible when it is printed.
• Pastor Konlan the consultant who is checking the translation of the Koma NT, now over 60% checked.
• Pastor Abraham who is planning to restart his preaching on the local Christian radio in November.
• A new project to put the Gonja Bible on to the mobile phones of the people. This is being done at the Media Centre Tamale.
• Pastor Nelson the Literacy for Life co-ordinator who is busy travelling to workshops and Bible dedications. Praise the Lord that he was able to give the NT and Psalms in audio form to the Nkoni people in their own language. This will be a great help to those who cannot read or who are blind.
• The Christmas Fair which Ian & Claire hold each year to raise funds for their projects in Ghana. (Saturday 3rd December 10.00am to 2.00pm)

Daada, Naomi & Family (London City Mission)
Pray for;
• opportunities to meet people and share the Gospel, please pray for Catherine a protestant lady from France whose husband died recently, she is not saved but is willing to come to the Bible study on Wednesday.
• The Bible study in the fold and for many elderly people to attend.
• The trust and fellowship that has been built up with Muhammad and his family, pray for his salvation.
• Phola an elderly lady a believer, pray for her family and friends to put their faith in Christ.
• Rabi a Syrian Muslim, open to the gospel. He trained as a dentist in Syria and is now sitting exams in order to practice in the UK, please pray for his salvation.
• Volunteers from evangelical neighbourhood churches to join Daada in his ministry at King\’s Cross, the youth outreach and in door to door work.
• Naomi\’s health, she has recently been diagnosed with ME. Pray that occupational health will allow Naomi to work the day shift.
• Daada\’s family that Christ would be their focus and centre of their lives, protecting the family as they live and travel in the city.

Time Out YC

1) Pray for the children back at school after the summer break that they would know that God is always with them.
2) Thank God that He has given us the privilege of sharing the Good News of Jesus with the children so that they too can know Him as their King. When opportunity comes our way at Time Out make us willing to take it.
3) Pray that many children would come along to Time Out and that they would be encouraged to take Time Out to learn more about God and that they will be left with no doubt that Jesus is a King worth knowing.
4) Pray for children who have now moved into Year 9 of school, that they would still have the opportunity to hear God\’s Word.

First Ahoghill

Telephone Prayer Chain Ministry

And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive

Matthew 21:22

The telephone prayer chain is a confidential ministry consisting of a team of people interceding daily.  All requests for prayer will be treated confidentially.

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