Announcements for 16th February

MONDAY                      NO  First for Tots.

                                       7.00pm – Bowls tournament.

                                       7.30pm – Women of Hope Bible Study in the Slemish



TUESDAY                      NO  First for Kids.

                                       7.00pm – Bowls tournament.


WEDNESDAY                8.00pm – Midweek – The Gospel as it really is 5

                                       (Romans 4: 1-25).


THURSDAY                   10.30am – Branching Out.

                                       7.00pm – Bowls tournament.

                                       NO GB.


FRIDAY                          NO BB.

                                       7.00pm – Bowls tournament.


SATURDAY                   8.00pm – Evening Prayer Cell   (William Graham).

       8.00pm – ROCK Acoustic Night, led by local band

       ‘All That Is’ from Ballyclare. Open to everyone of

       Secondary school age and up.


SUNDAY                       10.00am – ROCK in the Slemish Suite.

      10.15am – Sunday School.

                                      11.30am – ‘Jesus fixes broken lives’ – Mark 5:40-43.

                                      6.15pm – Evening Service, Brookside Missionary Sunday,

                                      With speaker Phil Dunn (EMF).

      8.00pm – YF